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Our name, Live Online Services, says it all. We provide the creative, branding, and online services you need, whether they are personal needs or business-related needs. For businesses, no matter your size, we offer essential online technology and creative media solutions to best represent what you do. Our goal is simple: we want to help you do what you do even better, especially with the cutting-edge technology and video that people expect. If your branding or creative needs are more basic, we can help you with logos, flyers, and banners. For those with more nuanced needs, we offer streaming, broadcasting, or even the ability to create your own television channel. The idea of integrating more technology or even creativity can be daunting for some, but we are very approachable. We make it simple and friendly. Our services fit into most budgets. Put simply, we are here for you to meet your creative branding, technology, or video needs. We serve the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

About the Owner

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Like yours, my business is the product of a dream. My vision of this dream goes far back, but became more solidified in college where I pursued a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and then a Masters of Science in Technology and Information Systems & Services. I consider myself rare in this field because my extensive understanding of the necessary technology is coupled with an innate artistic ability and a tireless creativity. For you, that means my fascination with web design & development as well as my aesthetically sound use of graphics equals products and services that are beautiful to look at but also have practical functionality. I want to work with anyone who contacts me, but I have the personal goal of helping to bring more attention to Laurel businesses and merchants. I’ve lived in Laurel for over 20 years and have witnessed some modernizing improvements. Regardless, I know more can be done to really put this community on the map! Anyone who wants to work with me should know that as a female business owner I understand well what it means to start from scratch. Like I’ve done with my own, I can and want to help you get your business noticed.

Who Is Live Online Services

The mission of Live Online Services is to deliver leading-edge solutions that add significant value to our customer base, no matter the size of the client’s business. We are committed to using best practices across all of our services in a manner that strengthens our market position and champions our brand. We aim to build our local community by serving local merchants and business owners, but intend to serve all of the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

We are here to serve everyone with exceptional online and video services. We know that every business is made up of people, and our philosophy is to serve their needs and amend our approaches as their needs require. Our services may be high tech, but our goal is to provide a human-to-human experience for businesses of every size.

Quite frankly, our promise is simple. We promise to deliver premium services and products to our clients. Additionally, we promise that no matter the size of your company or the scope of your project, you will always feel like our first priority. We are not a business serving businesses. We are people serving people, and everything that implies.

Our relationship will begin as it should begin…with a conversation. Whether that conversation be face to face or virtual, we will listen as you describe your needs. We will then outline what we can do for you and within what time frame. We will make suggestions. We will collaborate. In the end, LOS will deliver projects as they were promised.

Our Skills

Web Design 90
Live Streaming 95
Graphic Design 97
WordPress 96

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