Ad Exchange

Make monetizing your videos easy with our global ad networks. Customize your own ads or use our built-in ads! Your ads, our ads… doesn’t matter because both are optimized for creating revenue. We take the work out of your hands and off of your mind. You know that earning dollars from ads on your site is important, but we take out all of the headaches. Let us set you up with ads from our integrated ad placement service, and you’ll know that your site is generating that easy money that you always wished it could.

Do you want unlimited access to our marketing and direct sales campaigns? You’ll have it. Plus, you’ll have access to global partners by the thousands. Your ad spot won’t go unused because we guarantee 100% ad fill rate.

It’s too technical to explain, but trust us when we say that our LOS Player creates a rich and interactive ad experience. Want the best in functionality and monetization of your videos? Our ad system plays across all devices and formats. Additionally, partner with us and you’ll get 50-50 revenue sharing.

Sound too good to be true? Sound complicated? It is neither. Quite simply, it’s exactly what you need. Contact us, and we can talk more about what ad exchange will mean for you and your wallet!